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Internet Governance

This page is where you'll find information on our work in Internet governance
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Internet governance is a broad term used in many different contexts. It applies to activities as diverse as the coordination of technical standards, the operation of critical infrastructure, development, regulation, legislation, and more.
It's not restricted to the activities of governments. Many people, groups, and organizations have a role in defining and carrying out Internet governance activities and the Internet Society has always been an active leader in such discussions.
At the inaugural World Summit on the Information Society in 2003, global attention turned to the notion of Internet Governance. The Internet Society has been engaged since the very beginning on this issue and continues to engage with a variety of bodies to ensure that the Internet remains open and unencumbered.

Governance Updates

Find out about the latest Internet Governance initiatives and issues by reading our blog.

Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2014

The theme of the 2014 Internet Governance Forum is "Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance".

The Internet Society participates in a variety of fora, hoping to contribute towards these in such a way as to advance our mission and goals. Click on the links below to find out more about how we engage with each body or conference.

Further, the Internet Society has contributed to achieving the goals of WSIS in other fora;